Into that Vast Expanse

Non-Technical Records of Genetor Kalin S15


We have arrived at Scintilla. Draque is on edge: he has issued alternate orders for the command crew to accompany him to the surface, and I am to prepare one of the ancient servitors as a gift. It pains me to think that such a miraculous child of the Omnissiah may languish again, unused, in some Imperial noble’s curiosity collection.

An unfortunate side effect of my research into Nicostratus’ suitability as an experimental subject is his apparent assumption that he may now speak to me at any time, regardless of the importance of the work I am carrying out. He has invited himself along on my expedition to procure servitor housing for the cherubim, and I can find no means to refuse that may avoid further political complications within the crew. My hope is that he may be of some service bartering, but I must take some time to review the response-automator subroutine.

The ancient servitors performed above projected outcomes to a statistically significant degree against immobile targets. Combat parameters updated.



ElAdoran DannyOMara

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