Into that Vast Expanse

New Radius Interlude

Some downtime between sessions

Mining operations

The crew of New Radius goes about setting up mining operations on the peak Quintus scaled in the previous session. In addition to gold deposits in the cliff by the waterfall, the cave by the tree line revealed a large concentration of geodes. Both these resources can be exploited and processed by the refinery ship in your fleet, and their products sold for profit once you return to the Imperium. This can produce an immediate +2 Profit Factor, or you can take a +1 bonus instead in order to leave infrastructure in place and generate +1 Profit Factor every time you return to the system. If you want to set up a full-scale mining colony then it will require a net expenditure of Profit Factor immediately, but may give you substantial return on investment.

You continue to encounter no wildlife on the slopes of the mountain in the petrified rainforest, which makes the presence of the large, aggressive beast a mystery. However, your mining crews discover several more of the beasts within the caverns of the geode mine. Most of them appear to be in hibernation of some kind, but the conscious ones put up a considerable fight.

Abandoned station

Above the atmosphere of the planet, your guardsmen also investigate the small station in geosyncronous orbit above the ruined domed colony. It is cramped, large enough for only a few individuals at a time. The technology is well-preserved but many of the choicer archaeotech components have already been salvaged, presumably by the crew of His Will Be Done when the Vestralis vessel passed through this system 500 years ago. However, you are able to salvage a fair amount materials and circuitry. You may barter these to an interested party for a one-time bonus to an acquisition test, or you can turn the pieces over to your Enginseer aboard New Radius to see if he can integrate them with the ship’s systems.

The station also contains a single damaged Mars-pattern archaeotech void-suit, alone on a rack built for two suits. (It is not clear why the Vestralis crew did not salvage it as well.) At the control center of the station sits the mummified body of the suit’s owner. The Mechanus implants in the body bring you to the shocking revelation that this station, evidently created during the Dark Age of Technology, was an outpost not of the Empire of Terra but rather the Empire of Mars.

Eldar webway gate

The station was evidently built to observe the massive xenos artifact orbiting the planet. The shattered artifact is a large ring with sections missing (presumably captured by the planet’s gravity well and incinerated in the atmosphere). Those of the crew who were present during New Radius’s trip across the galaxy note that it bears strong resemblance to the Imperial warp gates used in travel there. While none identify the technology as “Eldar”, they all recognize it to be strangely beautiful.

Astrogative augury reveals that the planet the gate orbits does not follow an elliptical path around its sun but rather shuffles its way through the gravitational riptides present in the system. It is likely that one of these riptides was responsible for the destruction of the gate.

Loot and rewards

As bookkeeping, here is a compiled list of materials and relics salvaged from His Will Be Done on Arck, the ruined colony on the planet below, and the orbital station.

  • One unpowered power-gauntlet from a locked cage in the HWBD armory
  • Several purple crystals imbued with psychic presence (already sent through the airlock)
  • One compact archaeotech chameleoline cloak from the recesses of the planetside bunker
  • One damaged archaeotech mars-pattern voidsuit from the orbital station
  • One ceremonial chainsword from the HWBD’s captain’s stash, stamped with an ornate seal of the Imperial Navy
  • One folded Navy officer’s uniform, fitted for a heavyset woman
  • Several bound sheafs of sheet music, apparently an original composition by the HWBD’s astropathic choirmaster
  • Star charts detailing the location of a life-supporting planet with great mineral wealth, marked for colonization by another Vestralis fleet


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