Into that Vast Expanse

GM's log of sixth session

The New Radius does the Inquisition's work for it

(This entry borrows heavily from the “Destruction” section of the Ignum Malevolis article.)

When New Radius arrived in the pocket of dead space where the Ignum had exited Warp, Na-Rami came to the conclusion that the ship was unsalvageable. Its cargo of psykers were surely too tainted to be brought before the Golden Throne, and its crew deserved court-martial and execution for allowing themselves to be overpowered. Even rescuing the ship itself might not prove a profitable exercise, as the Inquisition could not be trusted to compensate him fully for his efforts.

Thus, the decision was made to scuttle the ship.

Na-Rami first ordered that the life-support system be destroyed with a macro-laser battery, but it was too well-distributed among the ship to target. Na-Rami then turned his attention against the Ignum ‘s power core. With no opposition from the ship’s weapon systems, the gunnery officer aboard New Radius made short work of the engines and power systems.

As the warp drives burst in a flash of warp energy, the astropathic choir detected several secondary Warp traces aboard the ship. Choirmaster Jemidar Archis sent out a signal of telepathic interference to prevent further deamonic summoning, but two entities had already been summoned. The crew and psykers were dead or dying, but now the daemons had to be stopped.

Flight leader Quintus Hexus personally led a squadron of fliers to perform bombing runs on the Ignum as New Radius ‘s single laser battery continued firing. As a final salvo, one crewman attended a suicide mission to deliver a payload of melta-bombs to the ship’s bridge where the daemonic presence was strongest.

Explosions rippled the ship and set free the crackling Warp energy that had been contained within the warded hull. Na-Rami ordered an emergency beacon be erected to warn future travelers of the site of the incursion, then had Vesper Nemo bring the ship into Warp and away from the wave of destruction emanating from the ruined ship.

The two daemonic presences had managed to ride the wave of destruction and cling to the ship’s gellar field as New Radius translated into the Immaterium, however. As Vesper charted a desperate flight back to System 5337-1007, Jemidar led the choir in strengthening the field to keep the daemons at bay.

Since their etherial claws were hooked into the gellar field, the daemons remained with the ship when it translated back into the system. Na-Rami’s sense of tactical history gave him an idea for how to leave them behind, and he passed orders on to the crew. In a tense display of coordination, Jemidar brought down the gellar field and Quintus twisted the ship’s thrusters so that the daemons were bucked off into one of the gravitational riptides that plagued the system.

Though the situation had been nerve-wracking, very few lives were lost in the maneuvers. The crew celebrated and the death cult held a memorial for the individual who had sacrificed his life to deliver the melta-bombs.


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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