Into that Vast Expanse

GM's log of fifth session

The New Radius crew attends a party

Having received a distress signal from Ignum Malevolis, one of the Inquisition’s Black Ships, Jemidar advised the captain that he come to the ship’s aid. After some debate it was agreed that the situation would be scouted and if the crew could be rescued, they would—but Satrius would not endanger New Radius for a ship of psykers.

The journey through the Warp began and Vesper displayed the cruel power of her psychic augury. A bulletsmith came willingly to the Navigator’s chambers and allowed her cranium to be exploded in order to further the ship’s (and the Emperor’s) wishes.

As a side effect of warp travel, Quintus was visited by a hideous Warp shadow from his past—his former captain and captor, whose shade appeared in Quintus’ bunk with glowing red eyes and a thirsty chainsword. It was only a dream—but a very convincing one.

Meanwhile on the journey Satrius accepted an invitation by the head of the ship’s Imperial cult to attend a dedication ceremony for the shrine honoring the Catalogue of the Damned. Satrius treated those in attendance to a stirring harpsichord performance, followed by a very long sermon. Quintus was still rattled, drinking to calm his nerves, and carried on inappropriately.

Upon arrival at the Ignum Malevolis‘s coordinates, a scouting fly-by revealed that the mutinous psykers in control of the ship had no weapon capabilities. Still cautious, Satrius considered blowing the Black Ship out of the sky but agreed to attempt to rescue the crew and disable the ship’s life support first.


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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