Into that Vast Expanse

GM's log of fourth session

The New Radius crew climbs a mountain

After encountering a mysterious mold that matched samples found in the captain’s cabin of His Will Be Done, Satrius ordered a timid field medic to examine the spores. She could not determine anything useful, but everyone agreed that it wasn’t a good thing that the growth pattern on the wall faintly spelled out the words SAVE US.

Satrius ordered a sweep of the bunker and the medic was able to redeem herself by finding an ancient yet functional chameleoline cloak. Finding nothing further of value and wishing that any biological taint be destroyed, Satrius had the bunker destroyed with melta-bombs.

The geological survey crew reported nothing of interest across the rest of the planet, save for a distinctive mountain peak in a petrified temperate rainforest on the middle continent. Wishing to form an exercise for the crew, Satrius ordered Quintus to scout a path through the forest to the peak and clear the way for the captain to investigate.

Quintus took Jemidar, Rocky, and a few guardsmen on motorbikes and began traveling up a mountain river starting at an ocean delta. They made good time but did not encounter any indigenous life forms along the way. Shortly before reaching the tree line the path of the river was interrupted by a waterfall. Quintus and Rocky were able to portage their bikes up a nearby landslide and use demolition charges to smooth a path for the captain’s hovertank. In the process, they discovered gold deposits in the hills.

Satrius entertained Vesper and the crew for some time playing on his organ, then set off in the hovertank once the ground team had enough of a head start. They followed the course of the river, and a few miles after the rockslide on the cliff they came to a spot where the river emerged from a cave. Quintus and Jemidar returned from the peak (having planted an aquila beacon, there was nothing left to do but admire the view) and joined the captain in investigating the opening.

First an unfortunate crewman (one who had failed at driving the tank through the snow earlier) was sent in alone. He reported seeing beautiful crystals inside the cave, but was slain by an undescribed beast that lurked there. Quintus brought the full power of the tank to bear on the creature within the cave, and it was quickly overcome.

The “beautiful crystals” turned out to be a vein of perfectly formed geodes. Combined with the gold deposits in the mountainside, Satrius had found a profitable cache of ornamental goods to sell once his ship returned to the Imperium.


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