Into that Vast Expanse

GM's log of third session

Hexus began the session by leading a team in a submersible to investigate the other half of the downed His Will Be Done. Archis set up a mind-link for all the crew so that their thoughts could be shared.

Quintus discovered that about half the prometheum supply was still intact, and so Na-Rami ordered the engineers to retrieve it. By slicing through the hull and magnetizing the fuel containers, they were able to float it to the surface. Meanwhile, Hexus began exploring the rest of the ship, discovering an unpowered powerglove in the armory. In the captain’s quarters he found most of the organic material destroyed by mold and rot, with a lockbox hidden in the remains of a wooden desk.

Returning from the downed ship, the retrieval team found that a large, eight-pointed starfish had covered the submersible door. Hexus drove it away with his new storm bolter.

Back aboard New Radius, the combined intimidating qualities of Archis and Nemo inspired the engineering team to get the lockbox open very quickly. The contents included some personal photograms, xenos jewelry, and some purple crystals that emanated a psychic presence.

Na-Rami ordered Nemo to set a course for the last system that Vestralis had visited, noting a large xenos influence. Upon arrival, the ship detected several gravitational anomalies as well as a half-destroyed Eldar webway gate orbiting a planet. The planet also had a small station in geosynchronous orbit above the remains of a pre-Imperial colony.

In the ruins of the colony, the command bunker contained samples of the same mold found inside the captain’s cabin of the crashed ship, appearing to be growing on the wall in a pattern resembling the High Gothic phrase “SAVE US”.


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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