Into that Vast Expanse

GM's log of first session

Limitless possibilities

Kara was absent from the first session, so Jemidar Archis made no appearance.

The crew set about making purchases on Port Wander. Most notably, Quintus Hexus purchased a storm bolter from a gun merchant and tested its firing capabilities by emptying a round into the floor.

When it was time to get underway, Lord-Captain Satrius Na-Rami ordered that the journey through the Maw be as swift as possible. Navigator Vesper Nemo complied, shattering the mind of a low-level crew-member as she augured the Warp’s suitability for travel. The fates were favorable, and the journey was swift and uneventful.

Once past the Passage, Na-Rami decided that the ship would not skirt the fringes of previously explored territory in Winterscale’s Realm but rather head off to largely unknown space. Nemo made a two-part jump to the Unbeholden Reaches, where the auspex detected a nearby system with an inhabited planet.

The amphibious natives of the planet were technologically stunted and easily subdued by bombing runs and hymns. The captain ordered some be taken for inspection and autopsy. He also ordered geological scans performed across the planet. That is when Quintus and “Rocky” discovered trace amounts of refined promethium in the nearby ocean…


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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