Into that Vast Expanse

Lord-Captain's Personal Log 18

+++FILE DESIGNATION: Lord-Captain’s Personal Logfile+++
+++LOCATION: Hive Sibellius, Scintilla+++

It appears that I was correct to be mistrustful of the Hierarch and his cronies, for it has been revealed to me by Inquisition operatives that they are heretics to the man. I am fortunate to have an advisor as vigilant as Commander Renatus is. Without her singular dedication, it is possible we might have missed the signs. Through her contacts, I agreed to aid the Inquisition in their pursuit of these “men”. The plan is brilliant in its simplicity. I sent Nicostratus to arrange an exchange of goods with one of the heretic Rogue Traders. The crates contain a warp-beacon tracking device, so the Inquisition can track the heretic to his base of operations. It is my sincere hope that once their guilt is determined, I will be called upon to execute the Emperor’s Justice against these traitors.

Final preparations are being made to leave Scintilla. After some bureaucratic difficulties, I decided the lead the purge of the corrupted mutants myself. It’s taken two weeks, but I am finally satisfied that we have made a clean sweep. During this time, I worked Commander Renatus’s contacts to procure an Imperial Thunder Hammer. I am told it once belonged to an Inquisitor of some renown. I only pray that I am worthy to wield it against the manifold enemies of the Imperium of Man.



ElAdoran mrhallock

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