Into that Vast Expanse

Lord-Captain's Personal Log 17

+++FILE DESIGNATION: Lord-Captain’s Personal Logfile+++
+++LOCATION: Hive Sibellius, Scintilla+++

The command crew and I attended the Hierarch’s gala. It was a disgusting display of corruption and excess. Anyone flaunting wealth and authority in such a manner on Cadia would be publicly executed, so others might learn from the negative example. I grudgingly wore the peacock outfit Nicostratus chose for me and stooped as low as to make polite conversation with the other attendees. Fortunately, this did not last long. I made contact with Amelia Montressor and delivered my ultimatum. She made passing remarks that implied sabotage to my ship. Had we been elsewhere, I would have killed here right there. However, that would have necessitated interaction with the Arbites and I had other matters to attend to. Triox and his acolytes are in the process of sweeping the ship for any damage or interference. For her sake, I hope he finds nothing. If she makes the error of crossing me in such a way, it will certainly be her last.

I also had the opportunity to meet the ship’s new Navigator. A taciturn man, he seemed as wearied by the proceedings of the gala as myself. In our brief conversation, he was curt and to the point. I dare his temperament will suit mine own. I have sent word to my men to expedite the repair of his quarters in the Oculus. Nicostratus will see to aesthetics.

Lastly, I made contact with the Inquisitor. She is a woman after my own heart – she clearly detested the event and all it stood for. I told her of what we have discovered so far regarding Lucius Rosen and my planned pursuit of Saint Cognatius. She agreed to provide the data collected by Rosen, but sought to impose a time limit before making the discovery well-known. Naturally, I protested and asked for more exclusive control of the mission. She questioned my fitness in undertaking such a quest, as is her right as Inquisitor. It was a simple matter of reiterating my qualifications and asking her if she would dare to rely on any of the dandies and parasites that populated the event. She capitulated. And so, I go forth in the Emperor’s Light in pursuit of His most holy servant.

We must begin preparations at once.



ElAdoran mrhallock

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