Into that Vast Expanse

Lord-Captain's Personal Log 16

+++FILE DESIGNATION: Lord-Captain’s Personal Logfile+++
+++TEMPUS: 2.737.041.M42+++
+++LOCATION: Hive Sibellius, Scintilla+++

It seems that the navigator was only the beginning of our troubles on Scintilla. Medoc de Grave, a man whom I entrusted with the inner-workings of my house, is a servant of the Montressor Dynasty. When evidence of his treachery was shown to him by Herodion, de Grave fled the Collateral Damage. However, his escape was short-lived. Victrix showed great initiative in stealing aboard the Montressor vessel to recover him. I must remember to commend her for that. While she was aboard the Montressor ship, I had her place vox beacons in key parts of the ship. In the event of an armed engagement, these will prove invaluable in targeting critical components of the enemy vessel. It would not displease me if they forced me to make use of them.

For now, Medoc rots in a cell, awaiting my pleasure. My first instinct would be to acquaint him intimately with the cold of the void, but I must be patient – he may have more valuable uses in the days to come. Clearly, I cannot trust an outsider with the secrets of my house, so Herodion will take on Medoc’s duties going forward. I must continue to impress upon him the sensitivity of his position and hope that he will rise to the challenge presented him. At the very least, I can trust Herodion to be Herodion.

The Montressors have been allowed their games, but it stops here. They have dogged my steps since the Collateral Damage was granted to me on Holy Terra. Until recently, they have proved little more than an annoyance, but, now, they have my attention. I intend to make them regret it. I have been invited to a social engagement hosted by the Montressors being held in the honor of a ranking member of the Ecclesiarchy. I will make the Mistress of the Dynasty a one-time offer. She and her House will pursue me and mine no longer and I will forgive their trespasses. However, I will not forget. If they act against the Draque Dynasty even once more, I will destroy their House, root and stem. I will burn their colonies, destroy their ships, and kill every last one of them. This I swear.

We have come to an agreement with the Laelias. In exchange for the services of one of their senior Navigators and his attendants, we will provide them with exclusive Navigation Rights to Light Returned. The Laelia Family alone will be allowed to Navigate ships to and from House Draque’s first colony. They are making quite the gamble with this arrangement, but in so doing, are demonstrating significant faith in myself and my House. Furthermore, it is now in their best interest that I succeed. I have made a powerful ally this day.



ElAdoran mrhallock

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