Into that Vast Expanse

Hero's Diary Entry 7

In Which Suspicions Are Confirmed

Dear Diary,
Our esteemed captain recently determined I ought to adopt a more prominent leadership role on the ship. Goodness knows what gave him the impression I’d have any skill in that department (leading on the Bentree twins at university notwithstanding). So far as I am able to observe, at this juncture leadership on the Collateral Damage primarily entails sending individuals to their death. For some, it’s the airlock. For others? Rocketing themselves and a massive load of weaponry into the heart of a malevolent rock formation in space. Personally, I found the entire ordeal quite distasteful. How does one properly address the condemned? It’s one thing to evict, financially ruin, or otherwise socially destroy a man, but to outright send him to his death? Horrid. Thank goodness Draque couldn’t be bothered to watch over my shoulder for that particular exercise. I’m surprised Johnston—or was it Jackson? Jenkins? Well, whatever the poor sod’s name was, I’m surprised he was able to fly straight after the amount of liquor I helped him consume. My general feelings on the matter largely being that one ought to be right and properly intoxicated when faced with their mortality. At least, it seems to have served me passably in my tenure on this vessel.

In more exciting and juicy news: the captain and Miss Victrix are, without a doubt, most certainly an item. The rest of the crew must be positively blind. Why, only a few nights ago I just happened to see a certain first officer headed into the captain’s private quarters with a bottle of quality liquor. And let’s just say she was still in there when I retired for the evening. Really, though, the icing on the cake was bearing witness to Kavik wax positively poetic about Miss Victrix’s virtues and martial prowess as we observed her hunting in the forests of Jeroboam. The captain is, naturally, keeping mum about the whole affair.

On a more personal note, our current planetside jaunt has, somewhat surprisingly, not been altogether unpleasant. Due to Kavik’s aforementioned preoccupation, he has largely left me to my own devices. I’ve seized the opportunity to take an extended constitutional and discovered a marvelous vista to capture on canvas. Furthermore, and perhaps more reason to celebrate, nothing has actively tried to kill, maim, or otherwise harm me. ‘Tis a tragically novel experience these days. Perhaps if I keep quiet and out of the way I might finally get the opportunity to enjoy myself. Granted, it’s no immaculate garden world, but it’s also not the blasted hellscapes we’ve made a habit of frequenting. Ah, well, beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

Next time, Diary, I hope to have completed the preliminary sketches of the Emperor statue Draque is commissioning for his new colony. Perhaps I’ll include them when next I write.


ElAdoran punultimateword

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