Into that Vast Expanse

Hero's Diary Entry 6

In Which Antiques Are Acquired

Darling Diary,

I do believe I’m finally, finally getting through to the captain. Not about the away missions, naturally, but that is its own battle which I shall strive to fight on my own terms. My own terms being very gradually, and preferably in a manner which will not result in an interior view of the airlock and lovely exterior view of the ship. In regards to that particular debate, Draque still believes it wise (despite all evidence to the contrary) to take his entire senior staff planetside on every jaunt. One can’t help but wonder about the man. However, I do suppose this time my presence might actually have been necessary. Had I not been dragged to Kaph’s surface the captain would likely have destroyed several gorgeous servitors. They were in delightfully exquisite condition for their age and the poor man had no idea the sheer value of wealth that stood before him. No. Idea. Can you even imagine? Naturally, I had to intervene before this opportunity was lost. The military may know how to wield a weapon of power, but they clearly don’t know the power of a throne. Someone has to save this poor man from himself.

Against my better judgement I accompanied Burne and Goat back down to that damnable Nun. Truth be told, it was difficult to discern whether the pounding in my head came from their insistent banging in an effort to rouse me, or from the spectacular hangover I was beginning to experience. Regardless, I good-naturedly obliged. I’m quite certain they would have stood outside my door all morning until I acquiesced. It seems the gentlemen, along with Miss Victrix were going down for a bit of sport planetside. Hindsight being what it is, I ought not have shown off quite so much in front of the old boys. Word might get round that I’m a capable sort of individual. We couldn’t have that, now could we? Draque might get ideas about putting his seneschal to work. In truth, I’d hoped a diversion would alleviate the uneasieness that has plagued me since Shin. I do wish I could put my finger on it, but I’m finding the officer’s lounge simply isn’t doing the trick.

Regardless of all that, it seems that Kavik has satisfied whatever it is precisely that led him here. Perhaps now we can establish Ifechi’s colony and get back to civilized space. Emperor take me if I am forced to endure one more meeting with that man. He is about as engaging as the reports that Medoc sends, with about half as much finesse. How Kavik expects him to lead a colony is beyond me, but I’m not about to speak up about the matter, lest he begin to eye yours truly as a viable candidate.

With any luck, when next I write it will be from a lovely beach someplace warm. It’s already been several months and Draque has made no mention of accruing vacation time.


Vacation time! HA

Hero's Diary Entry 6
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