Into that Vast Expanse

First Officer's Log XVII


+++FILE DESIGNATION: 017-#.###.041.M42+++
+++TEMPUS: #.###.041.M42+++
+++LOCATION: Scintilla+++

  • The Command Staff attended the social gathering at the Holy Temple in Hive Subellus.
  • Hero attempted to dress the staff, but was thwarted at every turn.
  • Eventually, he convinced the captain to wear a “somber”—if fashionable—outfit.
  • In the name of morale, I had Triox capture an image of the event to send to Burne & Goat.
  • I socialized with other “bodyguards” during the event.
  • The Montressor “bodyguard” was as simpering and aggressive as one would expect.
  • I, then, left early to ascertain whether or not the rumors of The Collateral Damage being sabotaged were true.
  • The rumors of sabotage seemed greatly exaggerated, but I did find a swarm of navigator-corrupted mutants infesting the ventilation system.
  • The area of the ship under the corrupted-mutant control is large and full of human waste and bi-product.
  • Had I brought a true weapon with me I would have been tempted to stay and partake in battle, but—unfortunately—this would not have alerted the captain or truly eradicated the menace.
  • Draque has been alerted.
  • Hero has thought better on his determination to get me into a dress made of refined taste and weak bindings. Perhaps I will keep it. As expensive and exquisite a gift should not be wasted, and it may be the perfect cover if I must go to ground. Alternately, I’m sure it would fetch a fine price.


Current rations @ 108%

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 017-#.###.041.M42+++


ElAdoran Timephilosopher

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