Into that Vast Expanse

First Officer's Log XVI


+++FILE DESIGNATION: 016-#.###.041.M42+++
+++TEMPUS: #.###.041.M42+++
+++LOCATION: Scintilla+++

  • Draque sent me to retrieve Medoc.
  • After entering his quarters, it became apparent that he had been a traitor for quite some time and had gone to ground.
  • Triox found him for me.
  • I retrieved him.
  • While I was leaving, I misjudged the length the guards would spend dealing with Hero’s delivery service and was seen. With my more distinctive features covered, I doubt I was recognized.
  • While looking to acquire a new Navigator, Draque received an invitation to a ____ banquet. The invitation had been sent before I… reacquired Medoc. Draque plans on going in full regalia—I shall act as a bodyguard.
  • The mutant problems were dealt with by Lilyth and Draque, personally.
  • I have turned to Burne & Goat to convince Hero of his new roll aboard the ship.
  • They assured me that, “It’s the only position that has two asses!” was a convincing argument.
  • They also planned on making overtures to Hero’s vanity, “Think of your ass!” but I profess to having stopped paying attention by that point.


Current rations @ 108%

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 016-#.###.041.M42+++


ElAdoran Timephilosopher

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