Into that Vast Expanse

First Officer's Log VIII


+++FILE DESIGNATION: 008-6.429.041.M42 +
+++TEMPUS: 6.429.041.M42 +
+++LOCATION: Merv 12RB-75+++

  • The natives of Jeroboam contacted us.
  • Kavik made an example of one of them and established our superiority of their primitive culture.
    We left for Ratgut.
  • During transit we experienced a medium-level warp incursion by a lesser daemon.
  • The creature destroyed a large portion of the munitions decks, and was then caught by the command crew. Kavik experienced a high-stress moment of shell-shock, and turned (when confronted by the abomination) to stab me. I subdued him—had he been in his right-mind this would not have been an easy task.
  • After the battle (easily won by the three not indisposed); I saw Lilyth, and she fixed the gut wound better than I have ever seen similar wounds fixed. I shall have to speak with her about my blood.
  • Herodian seemed extremely concerned for both my well-being, and the captain’s state of mind. It is obvious that he has never seen the madness that comes from prolonged exposure to the front line.
    I am also… Unnerved at how easily Hero seemed to accept the appearance of Chaos.
  • From Hero’s prompting, I approached the Captain to let him know that all is well. We have been hardened by the flames of war, and perhaps we have forgotten how important communication can be.

The pterodactyl’s of Jeroboam do not taste particularly delicious. Despite what the natives believe.

Current rations @ 73%

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 008-6.429.041.M42 +


ElAdoran Timephilosopher

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