Into that Vast Expanse

First Officer's Log VII


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+++LOCATION: Merv 12RB-75+++

  • As planned, I met with Kavik. He listened, but whether this was a favor to a friend, or because he trusts my judgment, remains to be seen. Regardless, I have—for the time being—been assuaged of my fears.
  • Nicostratus is growing on me. I neglected to mention, as I would have with any of my men, his total bumbling idiocy in executing his latest orders. As much as I am pleased by Lt. Jenkins’ success, and hearing that both Lilyth and Thunderwrath prepared the man beforehand… Nicostratus’s failure was telling. My anger is nothing next to how Kavik would have reacted had he known the full fuckery of Hero’s bumbling words. At least he offered the man a drink. I must expect more of Hero than I had previously thought; if I am willing to shoulder his fumbles.
  • Kavik allowed some fun in the form of a hunting expedition.
  • Jeroboam seems a fit enough world for our first colony. I have some experience with natives, and believe Kavik more than capable of dealing with their request for, “our mightiest warrior.”

Emperor guide my sure strike.
It has been long since last I felt the clarity of mind which battle brings. I left the larger weaponry behind, and went forth with the Horsecleaver to confront the “Drop Bears”; apex predator’s of Jeroboam. I was reminded of my first hunts on Dust; survival based solely on my ability to destroy the meat around me. The Emperor left me on Dust to hone the skills I learned in His Name, and I am at my best while fulfilling His purpose. I am thankful that this coincides with the glory of the Draque Dynasty.

In the dark jungle, I hear xeno insects hum, the air a living thing. I feel the eyes of the predator: largest, unchallenged, silent… And not alone. But I am, I have moved ahead, and I can almost hear the creatures thirst for my flesh. They envision dropping from above, darting forward from below, and pulling at my limbs until they break and snap at the joints.

They would devour me, lunge for my throat and rip into my chest cavity… They hesitate, because while they are hungry, they are not dumb. And I, I am dangerous. I smell of one of the Emperor’s Daughters, blood, fire, and power—they wait, and I grip Horsecleaver in a loose hand.

When the first beast strikes, I allow it to push me towards its brethren hidden under the trees. My arm swings with the power of both my own strength and that of the creature which has attempted to maul me. I doubt I could repress the grin. I was correct; they are everywhere. The bright eyes of the beast see only my exposed neck, and haven’t yet realized the force of the Cleaver which already swings towards it.

When the weapon collides it makes a satisfying crunch, and the “bear” loses half its xeno face. My free hand reaches up and tears the other beast off my shoulder to throw at another; may it do my work for me. I plant the Horsecleaver into the ground and use it to stabilize a kick that smashes through the stomach and spine of another of the beasts. After that, everything becomes a wash of trajectories, potential outcomes, threats, and the blood of my enemies.

Tonight, I feast. Emperor preserves his servants.

…Kavik ordered me to meet with Lilyth to ensure that I have not contracted anything from Jeroboam. Perhaps misguided, or influenced by my energy left over after the battle, I agreed that the woman take a sample of my blood. If she asks what I am, I will tell her the truth of my heritage. She is, after all, also a part of this ’Trade Dynasty…. It is best she knows. And I have no doubt that she is a true servant of The Emperor of Man.

Current rations @ 78%

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 007-4.407.041.M42+++


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