Into that Vast Expanse

First Officer's Log VI


+++FILE DESIGNATION: 006-4.321.041.M42+++
+++TEMPUS: 4.321.041.M42+++
+++LOCATION: Merv 12RB-75+++

I believe Lilyth may share in my love of destruction, if not my love of battle. While we approach matters differently, I believe we are more alike than I had originally believed.

  • Lilyth and I led a team back to Nun to look for samples of the rat creatures.
  • Kavik has, once again, stopped further exploration of the planet. I believe it may hold worthwhile plunder, and I am bothered that a few rats have caused enough panic that we haven’t explored the ruins.
  • It seems Herodion’s shot in the last battle was not a fluke. I look forward to training him further since it seems he doesn’t lack the aptitude. We shall begin with keeping him alive.
  • The Collateral Damage’s twistcatcher seems competent enough, if delusional and foul.

I am pleased that the boys are doing well, and in good spirits. It is good to take some time to be with my men.

  • Kaph yielded nuclear warheads. The “people” of these dead planets were not hardened by war, but they seem to have lived it. For the first time since our inception, I feel like I am aboard a Rogue Trader vessel.
  • Tsadi had some sort of mechanicus monstrosity meant to pull the Warp into reality; a horrifying prospect.
  • Lilyth and I heard something in the tunnels of the device, but could not track it, or them, down. May the Emperor grant that they were not Enemies of Man, and that Kavik’s choice to leave the planet unbombarded was well thought out.

Kavik and I have been at odds in many of his recent decisions. This is both abnormal, and worrisome. I do not believe him to be a coward, nor foolhardy, but he seems to lack discretion in both extremes, and I worry that—rather than it being me as I have assumed to this point—it is him that has been off. It is possible (however unlikely) that the stress of the new command has been clouding his judgement.

I shall endeavor to meet with him.

Current rations @ 49%

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 006-4.321.041.M42+++


ElAdoran Timephilosopher

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