Into that Vast Expanse

First Officer's Log V


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+++LOCATION: Merv 12RB-75+++

  • I received censure for my unprofessional actions on Shin.
  • Kavik ordered a ship into the remains of “The Wanderer.” The Psycker became an infected monstrosity, and the shuttle had to be destroyed. Both the Choirmaster and the pilot of the shuttle are in intensive care under Lylith’s watchful eye.
  • Kavik decided to explore Nun under the assumption that we could be chased out of the system at any moment. This seems small minded (if tactically sound).
  • Worried about how Herodion was coping with his first brush with the true nature of the universe, and deciding that we will being working with each other for the foreseeable future, I made a foray towards friendship. He is good enough at tactics that, perhaps, we can make a habit of this. Recognizing his brothers-in-arms will be important to not feeling isolated.
  • I will design a training program specifically for Herodion. While he seems disdainful of artillery; he managed fine in battle. However, given his personality, he should have the tools to survive a Duel. It shall be a good way of alleviating the boredom of travel.

Whether xeno or human, I am always pleased to see the tenacity of life in even the most adverse of situations. The Emperor can always use men that have been forged in steel but unbent by Corruption. The horror of the Xeno provides an enemy for which to sharpen the quality of man.

The desire to roast the flesh of the beast, to devour and consume the enemy is nigh irresistible. A new enemy, understood and digested, yet another tempering of my soul for the Glory of the Emperor of Man. Forged as an arm of the Callidus Temple, trained as a weapon, and polished in the forgotten Wilds of the galaxy… I will survive, and I will overtake in the name of both the God-Emperor and the Draque Dynasty.

  • Nun offered battle in the form of giant mutant rats which were living in the walls of a hab block.
  • The command crew fought them off and descended to a park to consider their next move.
  • I believe, strongly, that we should send small teams to search for useful artifacts before lancing the entire orb from space: the xeno, while detestable, is hardly warranting of hiding in the skirts of the Collateral Damage.

Swarms are fun because you can’t always judge them based on their reactions. Sure, there is a basic instinctual group mentality, but you never know when a part is going to go rogue. Unfortunately, pack animals tend to be pretty stupid when they’re threatened. Vicious, but not a challenge.

It is, however, satisfying to pull a horde apart. Even if you can eviscerate one: the mass keeps moving. The challenge of keeping track of each small body moving, twisting, acting and feinting, struggling and striving… The thrill of a successful kill, without the letdown of the end of a fight—reacting, gauging, laying waste… And in the end, satisfaction at a job well done.

There is nothing like the thrill of battle, the closeness of death to remind a soldier that they are alive.

- Tentative training regime for Herodion.
- Practical suggestions for Kavik (he favors his left side and needs a reminder to look up).
- Analysis of Triox’s battle abilities.
- Pych-to-Effectiveness of Lilyth. The concern of sloppiness in return for zeal: “so far, so good.”

Current rations @ 51%

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 005-#.###.041.M42+++


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