Into that Vast Expanse

First Officer's Log IV


+++FILE DESIGNATION: 004-4.254.041.M42+++
+++TEMPUS: 4.260.041.M42+++
+++LOCATION: Merv 12RB-75+++

  • Put together a landing party for Shin, and went planet-side. Typical conditions for an arctic planetoid, but no signs of life.
  • The hab-domes of Shin hearkened from an age of decadence long before our time. The entire layout of the “city” was nonsensically extravagant, and indefensible.
  • I agreed with Lilyth in that the ruins did not stink of Chaos or Xeno, but that the long-dead sacrifices seemed a wholly human folly.
  • After examining the main chamber, I decided to leave my companions to deal with the technology. Following our original plans, I continued to case the central building.
  • The constant and cloying smell of the dead remained; an unsettling element in a civilization many hundreds of years left in the grave. When I descended into the basement, I discovered the silo for their sacrificial tools.
  • The lights began to act in a purposeful way. Against my better judgement, and as though I was a young cadet, I fired rounds into the ceiling. This alerted my companions. Here, here, was the controlled taint of old and festering Chaos.
  • Shin will be gutted for profit, and then burned for cleansing. I am a soldier, and while I understand the need for pausing… Leaving the system as is—does not sit well with me. Perhaps, I have seen too much.

While I was below, the rest of the command crew determined that the entire system experienced a Chaos incursion many years ago. Lilyth’s unsettled eyes—wide and seeing a different slaughter than the dim rust and blood-encrusted weapons of the basement—lead me to believe that we must tread lightly here.

I had thought that my tendency to suspect the shadows around me—trained for many years into my veins, and then reinforced by sleeping in the trenches of Dust—would not extend to the flickering shadows of Chaos. I dislike this new, or perhaps old, enemy. I long for the opportunity to fight—rather than jump at shadows.

As for my fellow officers… Triox is as inscrutable in this as he is in all things. Hero seems shaken. Like a young soldier first in the field; if he can overcome this confrontation he will be better for it, but forever changed. Draque, while clearly assessing the situation with the eyes of a new Rogue Trader, seems to be keeping the calm rule of logic; and for this—my old friend—I am envious.

Current rations @ 53%

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 004-4.260.041.M42+++


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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