Into that Vast Expanse

First Officer's Log IX


+++FILE DESIGNATION: 009-5.440.041.M42 +
+++TEMPUS: 5.440.041.M42 +
+++LOCATION: Ratgut+++

  • We arrived at Ratgut.
  • I accompanied Hero on his resupply run (while Kavik would have liked to see Hero experience the “local hospitality;” I’m afraid my presence may have discouraged this—I admit to having wanted a ballsy enough dipper to challenge us).
  • I turned in the bounty from the Gilded Hook, and refreshed my postings.
  • Kavik and Hero met with Sloan (a buff who was put out by the righteous acquisition of the Gilded Hook).
  • We have been given a task to deliver weapons to Wretched; it has been foisted upon the Gilded Hook.
  • I acquired a new cannon.
  • I resupplied my rations. Fucking xeno scum.
  • We are to travel to the Mauritius dockyards.
  • If I find that Burne and Goat have taken Hero on leave—despite his relegation to the ship—I shall make them run laps until their feet bleed. High ranking be damned.

I have finally sent Lilyth a missive regarding the blood test results. Hopefully, she finds it illuminating.

Current rations @ 82%

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 009-5.440.041.M42 +


ElAdoran Timephilosopher

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