Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 8

Making new allies on Jeroboam

Kavik brought his crew to visit a sentry at the edge of Light Returned. The sentry reported that one of the natives at Jeroboam had asked for the colonists’ “mightiest warrior” while speaking Low Gothic.

When Kavik and the rest arrived, they found a woman dressed in furs with an obsidian knife who regarded them as emissaries of her gods. She thanked them for answering her prayers for assistance and appearing to her in the flesh. She had summoned them to support her father, who was growing old and being challenged for leadership of the tribe.

The woman introduced herself as Drellna. Her father was Kolpath, and his challenger Seelik. Kavik and Triox attempted to explain their presence in terms of Imperial expansion, while Lilyth took notes on the woman’s physiology and speech. Drellna explained that she was taught this language by her father, who was of the priestly tradition.

At Drellna’s nearby settlement, the crew found Kolpath in the lead of a large group of warriors. All were frightened but acknowledged them as powerful beings. Kavik intimidated them by vaporizing Seelik with a las-pistol and used Kolpath to translate his declaration of leadership. He explained that his people would be settling nearby, and would allow the tribe to ascend into the Imperium.

Kolpath and Drellna expressed gratitude, but also surprise that the star-warriors had arrived “early”. They indicated that legends spoke of an expected return centuries hence, when the warrior-gods would return and the people would be lifted up to heaven on the backs of twin vultures, one looking forward and one back. (This apparent reference to the Aquila drew attention from the crew, but Drellna did not recognize their symbols.) Kavik declined to accept their insistent tributes of youths to bring back with him to the stars.

Ifechi and Thunderwrath arrived to begin the conversion process in earnest, and the crew returned to the ship. Having received a tip-off that they might be able to sell some of their aquired archeotech in the port of Ratgut, Kavik ordered Orpheus to set a course.

The travel was interrupted by a medium-level warp incursion, in which a daemon physically manifested aboard the munitions decks and began tearing through crew and bulkheads. Kavik fell prey to temporary insanity when he encountered the creature, but he was subdued by Victrix. Triox’s accurate gunfire and Lilyth’s blessed blade were able to drive it back into the Warp from whence it came.


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