Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 6

Exploring the last of the Ozymandias system

Victrix led a survey team back to Nun to continue a biological assessment of the planet. Lilyth took samples of the mutated rat population and collected a few live specimens. One of Sebastian Crabbe’s mutant team was waylaid by a larger rat-princeling, which Lilyth and Victrix failed to capture. Meanwhile, Herodion took shots at the smaller rats with Burne & Goat and earned some respect.

As the orbit of Kaph approached, Kavik led an away team to that planet, a war-torn ruin of a once monumental civilization. Triox detected a radio signal from a bunker and the team landed to investigate. The signal originated from a command center in the bunker and controlled a squad of bodyguard robots, which a combination of bullets and programming were able to subdue.

The command center also held a holographic tactical display of the globe, indicating strategic targets in a long-dead global thermonuclear war. A few warheads were active and could be salvaged. Kavik made clear his intentions to use them to detonate the fragments of the Wanderer.

The final planet of the system to visit was Tsadi, home to a large number of gravitational and electromagnetic anomalies across its surface. Three large, low spoke-like structures converged on a central lab complex surrounded by geodesic domes built over the individual anomalies.

Exploring the lab, the team made their way to the lower chamber where the three spokes intersected. Triox examined the mechanics and determined that they were designed to focus accelerated particles onto a central platform in the middle of the chamber. The last recorded log described a successful breakthrough of the “transubstantiation veil” into a realm of limitless energy. Heresy! Kavik had some melta-charges brought in to demolish one of the acceleration tunnels and deactivate the device.

Lilyth and Victrix chased sounds down the tunnels but came up with nothing. Triox’s acolytes searched the labs for a week and uncovered a mysterious artifact with portable powers of gravity manipulation.

Satisfied that they had picked the gas giant’s moons clean, the crew set off to land a colony on the newly surveyed Jeroboam.


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