Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 5

Corruption of the mind and body lurk within

The previous session saw the revelation that the asteroid cluster orbiting Merv 12RB-75 in a retrograde orbit was in fact the remnants of the Wanderer rogue planet, whose conjunction with the satellites of Ozymandias caused a planetary-scale Warp incursion several thousand years ago. Kavik ordered that the cluster be further investigated.

A scout team sent to the cluster encountered radio interference and then psychic attack, returning with an undead psyker aboard who attempted to attack the crew before being gunned down by the Collateral Damage‘s stormtroopers. Lilyth placed the surviving pilot and the ship’s Choirmaster under observation.

Sebastion Thunderwrath suggested that the shattered, unholy fragments could be exorcised with sanctified planetary bombardment. Kavik and Lilyth sent out feelers to their contacts in the Battlefleet and Inquisition to ascertain the availability of this weaponry.

Scouting and investigation continued on the ruins on the moons of Ozymandias. Kavik led his team to Nun, a once-populous planet now covered in a shroud of toxic fog as the result of chemical warfare. The away team set down on top of a ruined hab-complex and made their way inside.

Victrix flushed out a group of indigenous rat-like creatures that had adapted to the toxic environment and made their home in the walls of the structure. The horde proved to be very dangerous, and the group made a fighting retreat for the stairs while Triox used magnetic attraction to collapse the ceiling.

On the roof, Lilyth held off further swarms of rats with her flamethrower while the troops battled off the hideous rat hivequeen and her rat-princelings. Finding the scene too dangerous, Kavik ordered an escape across the monorail tracks to a neighboring hab-complex, where another shuttle retrieved the crew.


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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