Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 4

Ancient ruins hold twisted secrets

Upon close inspection four of the satellites of the gas giant designated Ozymandias were confirmed to contain archaic ruins. Kavik insisted on leading a team to investigate them for ancient artifacts and other resources.

The first moon chosen for survey was Shin, an icy orb covered in perpetual blizzards. The only spot of interest on the planet was a large domed arcology in the southern hemisphere. Entering the arcology the team saw what was once a lush and beautiful garden city, full of dead terraces and dry canals. In the center of the city was an ornate palace. Inside, Hero was immediately drawn to the map that indicated a grand auditorium within the structure.

On their way to the auditorium, the team found the first human body draped on a staircase. Though it was desiccated and rotten, Lilyth was able to identify the cause of death as a gut wound caused by a sharp, hooked implement. The auditorium itself proved to be full of more bodies arranged in seats, most naked and unharmed though some had similar gut wounds.

At the center of the auditorium was a glass-knobbed orb that Triox determined to be an image projector. Lilyth’s intuition said that it was dangerous and heretical, but after much discussion Kavik ordered that it be activated. It treated the team to a holographic historical dramatization of the colonization of the system, ending with an inauspicious celestial alignment that caused a warp incursion that spanned multiple planets. As a result, a wandering rogue planet was destroyed and the system’s minor star (Ozymandias) was snuffed and reduced to a gas giant.

During the history presentation, Victrix explored the palace substructure. She found a darkened room full of dead, dried bodies and the cutting implements that they had used on each other in ritual murder-suicide. She was further unsettled by freak incidents of light and sound in the room, perhaps daemonic in nature.

His curiosity satisfied, Kavik concluded that the entire arcology had succumbed to Chaos and ordered it cleansed. Sebastion Thunderwrath and Lilyth led a team of acolytes to scorch the interior of the palace from top to bottom while Triox’s attendants removed any useful artifacts that appeared to be untainted.


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