Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 3

Give no mercy to the traitor

Shortly after leaving Footfall in pursuit of the Gilded Hook to regain Deacon Ifechi‘s stolen colony cargo, the Master of Whispers informed Kavik that a potential traitor had been found aboard the ship taking money from the Montresor Dynasty. Kavik ordered Lilyth and Victrix to interrogate the woman (the commercial cargomaster), who confessed under torture to being in the Montresors’ employ. Kavik commanded that the crew watch as she was thrown out of the airlock into the Warp.

Lilyth was also informed of a traitor within her medicae ranks, a crewman who had been stealing medicines. Rather than face his fate he fled to the Twistcatcher who agreed to harbor him. The crewman had developed severe mutations and was stealing supplies to self-medicate, but he could not twist his flesh back into shape. The extent of his mutations was not known, but Crabbe referred to him as “quite handsy”.

Herodion took dinner with Ifechi and learned the dreary ins and outs of colony establishment. He had a much wilder night in the senior officers’ lounge with Burne & Goat. Triox was also invited.

Exiting the Warp in the system designated by Ifechi’s starcharts, the Collateral Damage found it had caught up with Sarles Canseco. Kavik gave Sarles a chance to confess his crimes and repent, but Sarles refused. Overpowering the other man’s ship, Kavik boarded and killed the top crew and claimed the vessel as his own.

In the following weeks, survey teams returned with information about the system as a whole as well as a habitable planet with good prospects for colonization. Initial reports also suggested the presence of some archaic ruins on the moons of one of the system’s gas giants.


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