Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 10

The Old Enemy is met again

The Collateral Damage made its way to the shipyard at Mauritius to follow up on Joshua Delacroix’s lead that decommissioned heavy weaponry might be available for purchase.

Hero negotiated with the station’s supply-master while Triox allowed the lead mechanic to tour the ship and examine its archeotech components. Lilyth was met by Sister Adelaide who delivered news from Lilyth’s home monastery as well as a package containing medical research notes.

Kavik met with the head of the shipyards and learned that the commander had three atomic weapons available but requested aid before selling them to the captain. He introduced the lieutenant commander of Summer’s Bounty, a Navy ship which had been attacked by Orks near Rosebloom and left for dead. Kavik agreed to rescue the ship but demanded the atomics up front.

En route to Rosebloom, Kavik and Victrix experienced a shared hallucination of Orks rampaging through the hallways of command suites.

At the planet, Summer’s Bounty was heavily damaged and all but destroyed, but some humans remained alive. Before they could be rescued, Triox detected signs of an Ork krooza lying in wait on the other side of the planet. Kavik cannily turned the ambush around on the Orks and detonated their ship, but not before being rammed with a giant statue of the Emperor that had been looted from the planet below and affixed to the krooza’s prow.

Knowing that the surface of the planet was still under siege, Kavik led his troops down to attempt to reclaim the colony. In the first encounter with a group of Orks, the greenskins were quickly defeated but Hero let slip an inconvenient truth about Marshall’s World


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