Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 1

Getting the crew together

SCENE: Kavik Draque is being bequeathed his Warrant of Trade in recognition of his outstanding service in the Imperial Guard. As the ceremony finishes, Kavik slams his sword into the ground, lowers his head, and promises fealty to the Emperor.

CREDITS ROLL over a montage as Kavik assembles his crew of ranking officers:

FADE to an exterior shot of a transport ship making its way to Port Wander where Kavik’s new flagship, the Collateral Damage, awaits. CUT to the interior where Kavik has assembled his crew in the briefing room. He looks each of them in the eye and and explains his mandate to penetrate the heart of the Koronus Expanse and make room for new colonies to spread the Emperor’s light to all of Humanity’s lost worlds—and make some profit while doing so. He demands reports from each crew member on their various specialties, and the scene ends as they begin preparations.

INTERCUT SCENES: at Port Wander, Kavik speaks with the former Lady-Captain of the Collateral Damage, who formally transfers the deed for the ship to him. Herodion and the rest of the crew begin making acquisitions for the ship’s supplies to sustain a long exploratory voyage. Triox tours the archeotech components of the ship with the Mechanicus representative Enginseer Throck and interfaces with the ship’s machine spirit to introduce himself. Victrix attempts to get some sleep but is awoken by Herodion playing the cello in the middle of the night, angrily warning him not to let it happen again. Lilyth familiarizes herself with the medicae deck converted from a cathedral complex and begins intense medical drills for her staff. Kavik introduces Herodion to her mentor, the former High Factotum—who is sinking into indolence as his retirement begins. Herodion also meets his Master of Whispers, Medoc de Grave, who resents the fact that he has been bumped from his promised seat as High Factotum.

FINAL SCENE: in a mirror of the transport ship scene, Kavik calls the crew into the briefing room aboard their new ship and explains their objectives. The first stop will be to pay respects at the Temple in the Maw, then proceed into the Foundling Worlds region to survey systems in preparation for a wave of colonization. The crew leaves the briefing fresh and excited for the mission ahead.


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