Into that Vast Expanse

Chief-Chirurgeon Log 16

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 016.1-#.###.041.M42+++
+++TEMPUS: #.###.041.M42+++
+++LOCATION: Scintilla+++

It seems our Master of Whispers was Whispering elsewhere as well. His treachery will not go unpunished. I will see to it that he stays hale and healthy though his trials, so that he will know the Lord Captains justice before The Emperors Mercy.

Our First Officer managed to recover him from his refuge with our enemies in a daring commando strike and now he is resting comfortably in my tender care. He will not soon forget the lesson the Lord Captain will be teaching him.

There was also some gross incompetence in our Twistcatcher, he apparently knew of ill omens from the occulus and said nothing. It will take months to fully flush out all the tainted mutants now that they have likely scattered throughout the ship. Crabb was given a permanent reminder of his failure. I shall gladly fashion him a crude replacement when he has proven himself worthy of the honor again.



ElAdoran IvanTheLlama

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