Into that Vast Expanse

Archis' Report S3 NR: Crafted Abominations

New Radius, S3

In the ruin of a dishonored vessel did the New Radius find xenon artifakts, cursed things with the vestige of psykik violation. They were sent to burn in the sun’s heat, cold in comparison to His hatred, gentle in comparison to His wrath. Maps led the New Radius to the source of this filth, a solar system untouched in recent memory, but marred with history. An Eldaar Warp Gate hung broken in eternal orbit, and nearby watched desolate shards of archaic human settlement, tainted with the blasphemy of children born before a father. Memory of their inevitable death lay etched for centuries, waiting for a witness: SAVE US, it called, crying out from darkness in yearning for a Saviour they could not know.

Be not tempted by the works of the Alien, for they are abominations.
- Book of the Emperor


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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